Canada government bond yield curve now available!

Now you can view Canada's yield curve on this website with data going back to 2001. Given the focus of this site being US Treasuries, it might seem an odd choice for a new feature. Here are some reasons on why this addition makes sense:

  • The global economy is very interconnected, and this is a first step to providing other rates of interest (pun intended) to investors following macroeconomic trends.
  • It will hopefully broaden the audience to this website, which helps financially support all of its features.
  • Acquisition of the data from the Bank of Canada is a fairly simple addition.
  • From a coding standpoint, building this feature evolved in the underlying code in a way that lays the groundwork for the next set of enhancements related to the US Treasury interest rates.
We hope you enjoy this new data set and find it interest-ing!

Check it out!