Site Updates 11/27/2022

This weekend we migrated the application to a new server with more badnwidth. Expect small improvements to performance and load times going forward. 

Per the rise in traffic to this website and requests from our users, many new features are in planning. To help cover the costs of running this website, we will run ads very soon and will be accepting sponsorships. Please turn off any ad blocker software to help support the operations and development of this site.

Notable changes:
  • Migration to a larger web server
  • Refactor of the frontend to use a simpler Javscript framework
  • Addition of this "blog" page for site update information
  • Recession indicator has been temporarily removed from the Time Series page with plans to bring it back with better functionality

Features in planning:
  • Social media share buttons
  • Ads to support the website financially
  • Patreon tier to enjoy an ad-free version of the site
  • Allow user to set vertical axis values on Yield Curve Chart and Time Series Chart
If you have any feature requests, please write