US Treasuries Time Series

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Constant maturity yield

Fed Funds Targets

From 1979 to 1982 the Fed targeted M2 money supply growth instead of interest rates. Prior to 1982 the Fed did not publicize interest rate targets, but the Effective Federal Funds rate canbe used to infer the effect of open market operations during those years.

Yield Differentials

* Data for 1-month T-Bill only available as far back as July 2001
* Data for 3-month available as far back as 1934
* Data for 6-month available as far back as 1959

Overview and Usage

View and compare historical interest rate yield values by checking the datasets you want to see in the box. Date range can be adjusted at the top. The "Yield Differentials" checkboxes can be used to identify time periods of yield curve inversion.